The ICONSSED 2017 will be held at the University of Jember, East-Java, Indonesia. To reach the University of Jember you should fly from your country to Surabaya airport. From this airport you can either go by plane, bus or train. There is only one flight from Surabaya airport to Jember airport, it is at 8.00am in the morning. It takes 45 minutes to fly from Surabaya to Jember, otherwise it takes 4 hours.  The official taxi counter of Jember airport is located outside the arrivals hall (exit arrivals turn right).  Tell the attendant of your destination, pay the fare of about 40 thousand rupiahs and proceed to the taxi with the receipt, it will take 30 minutes from the airport to the University of Jember. On the way to reach our university you can easily buy a Telkomsel SIM card and internet data package to make a phone call to the conference organizer. 


FKIP Building The University of Jember, Jember-East Java, Indonesia

The Luxurious Hotels in Jember City

1. Aston Hotel
2. Royal Hotel
3. Lestari Hotel
4. Cempaka Hill Hotel

      1. General = Rp. 100.000/night.
      2. Student = Rp. 75.000/night.

    Contact Person: 081336059841 (Ibu Tutik)




    1. Rembangan Hill 


    2. Papuma Beach


    3. Payangan (Love Bay) Beach


    4. Amazing Blue Fire of IJEN Volcano